Whispering about joy and disaster

‘It is a joy to be hidden but disaster not to be found’.
– Donald Winnicott

I travel around Iceland in search of people who see elves, huldufólk (hidden people), and other beings. For hundreds of years, nothing has changed in this matter on the island. People, elves, and huldufólk live together amidst large, empty spaces, where steam escapes from hot ground, and the wind often blows so fast that it is difficult to breathe.

Icelanders who experience contact with other beings are in the minority. For some, it is a salvation, for others – a curse.

At first glance, there are not many similarities between the visible and the invisible inhabitants of the island. However, they all live on the margin in a way. And they all want to be discovered and heard, at the same time not leaving the safety-giving shade.